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At Bedlingtonshire we believe in supporting the future of Golf. Our Juniors have a range of competitive and non competitive activities to participate in. We provide a full schedule of Junior Competitions, coaching and we even run our own Junior Development Club.

In October 2015, Bedlingtonshire was recognised by Miller Homes for its efforts to inspire youngsters to develop a passion for Golf. We were awarded a small grant to support our Golf Youth Club, which is free of charge to children.

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The Junior Development Club

The aim of the Club, which was established in 2015, was to build a friendly environment where the children could have fun learning the game and eventually go onto competitive Golf. The ultimate goal for the Development Club is to provide prolonged support to the children wishing to partake in Golf at Bedlingtonshire Golf Club.

The Junior Development Club has provided a perfect atmosphere for the children to enjoy Golf and to meet other children whom they can create friendships with; helping to maintain participation at Bedlingtonshire Golf Club.

The Junior Golf Tour

As a stepping stone into competitive Golf, our children take part in The Junior Golf Tour each year to develop their skills. This series played over 9 holes provides a perfect opportunity for the children to try their hand in a competition for the first time.

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If you have a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter who you think may like to join this fantastic club, please feel free to have a chat with Mark Sanderson.

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